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Movement alone is not enough for you to reach your greatness! The mind, diet, body & soul must all be aligned to rise together! It's important to see that all parts are connected, meaning if one lags, the others are effected! We work on all 4 elements through our daily practice!


I believe in a holistic approach to movement, balancing the yin and yang principles, creating high performance with longevity. 
 Therefore, your movement program will include parts of: 

  • Strength & Weight Training 
  • Mobility: Protect & Prevent your body to achieve a full range of motion in your movements 
  • Performance Training: Bodyweight exercises for a functional body 
  • Endurance activities: From walking, running, cycling to swimming 
  • Any kind of sports you enjoy e.g. boxing, team sports, dancing etc. 

Depending on your experience you will get access to full workouts & training sessions, as well as a schedule on when to do your yin (mobility, yoga, regenerative sessions etc.) & yang  (strength, HIT, HIIT, power yoga etc.) sessions including physical assessment & proper technique instructions and tips. We will assess your strengths & weaknesses and implement the parts you're currently neglecting.   


Remove stagnation, inflammation and imbalances. Getting you vibrating high, glowing and flowing without restricting yourself or following a specific diet (trend). 
 Just follow some simple rules like: 

  • Whole foods
  • Vibrant foods
  • Balanced Meals 
  • Timing 

Mental State & Mindset

Discover who you are, what are your values, what is your true nature and what's your path! This is when you light up!
 To live in our true self is the greatest spiritual gift you can give to the whole! 
 We're finding the right way for you to get yourself in the state of mind that suits you & your life best through a variety of different techniques, like : 

  • Meditation
  • Breathwork 
  • Journaling
  • Mental Coaching 


Lifestyle / Soul 

That part focuses on your daily routines, habits, with whom & what you surround yourself with, and if it nourishes your soul and your purpose. We identify weaknesses and substitute those with new alternatives to reach your next level, as well as strengthen the areas of your life that bring joy and happiness. This includes i.a.: 

  •  creating morning routines
  • finding activities (& people) that give you energy instead of draining it 
  •  goal setting 

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